Family Healthcare

Family Healthcare

A healthy family is a happy family. Your Health is Your Wealth

Holistic care of the family is an essential for a healthy and stable family. Each individual member has unique needs that can be addressed by different doctors and services depending on their age and gender to promote their overall well-being. 

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Family Healthcare

A healthy family is a happy family. Your Health is Your Wealth

Holistic care of the family is an essential for a healthy and stable family. Each individual member has unique needs that can be addressed by different doctors and services depending on their age and gender to promote their overall well-being. 

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  • What services are available for the family?

    • General Practitioner consultation 
    • Family Medicine Doctors
    • Specialist consultation for different age groups 
    • Laboratory and Imaging services 
    • Antenatal (Pregnancy packages)  
    • Postnatal (after delivery packages)  
    • Sexual wellness packages 
    • Chronic disease management for elderly patients 
    • Nursing services 
    • Counseling services across all age groups 

  • Learn More About Family Health Care

    Which doctor can we visit for an initial family consult? 

    The respective family members can visit a family medicine doctor or a general practitioner for any initial consult. These doctors can offer care for a range of illnesses affecting all groups and will refer you to the right specialist where needed.Click here to book a doctor.

    Which doctors can we consult for specific family member’s needs?

    The different family members may schedule a routine visit to various specialized doctors depending on their needs.Your general practitioner may also refer you when you need specialized care.

    Different doctors specialize in particular areas to attend to specific needs.The common specialists include;

    Pediatricians;These are doctors who manage medical conditions affecting infants and children.It is recommended to consult a pediatrician for your baby’s or child health needs

    Physicians attend to most adult and elderly conditions including chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension.Talk to a physician today about your health.

    Obstetrician/gynecologist attend to pregnant women from conception to delivery as well conditions related to the female reproductive system. 

    Your general practitioner may also refer you to other specialized doctors such as a surgeoneye specialistskin specialistear, nose & throat doctor depending on your condition. 

  • Quality Antenatal and postnatal care

    Pregnancy and delivery are undoubtedly one of life’s most solemn journeys and as such deserve the best care

    What is antenatal care? 

    This is the overall care of a pregnant mother from conception to delivery. This includes initial and follow up clinics by general practitioner or a gynecologist to check on the mother and baby, supplements, ultrasounds as well as delivery of the baby. 

    Which doctor do I need during my antenatal care 

    Antenatal care can be done by your general practitioner or an obstetrician/gynecologist. Your general practitioner will refer you to a gynecologist in case a complication arises 

    What does the antenatal care package entail? 

    This entails a specialist consultation alongside laboratory tests that comprise the antenatal care profile.They include;

    • Full Blood Count
    • Blood grouping 
    • Rhesus antigen grouping 
    • Syphilis test  
    • HIV antigen test 
    • Hepatitis B test 
    • Full blood count
    • Urinalysis
    • Random blood sugar
    • Click here to book an antenatal care package and get a comprehensive one stop care for your pregnancy.

    Can one access a delivery package? 

    Yes. Have your pregnancy followed up and schedule your baby’s delivery by one of our gynecologists. You can easily book your method of delivery as recommended by your doctor be it a normal delivery or a cesarean section. 

    What is postnatal care? 

    This is the overall care offered to mothers after delivery, including wound care, mental health, counseling on danger signs after delivery and new born care   

    What services are available after-delivery? 

    Get a gynecologist checkup after delivery or wound care after caesarean section or normal delivery by a vetted nurse to ease with your recovery. Additionally, have baby benefit from other services including; 

    • Specialist pediatrician consultation 
    • Well baby vaccination as per recommended vaccination schedules 
    • Well baby dental checkup
    • Growth monitoring and nutritional care 
    • Well baby check ups 
    • Nursing care on breastfeeding, umbilical cord and eye care 
    • Routine blood tests to check on baby’s well being
    • Baby accessories and products including diapers, supplements, skin care products, pacifiers etc.  

    Check out other after delivery care services available for you and your baby.

  • Let's Take Care of Your Teens

    Teenage hood is full opportunities and perils. Get your teens the best healthcare and psychological guidance during this formative years.It is recommended to schedule a regular health checkup for teenagers at least once a year.

    What does the teenage health care package entail? 

    This package is tailored to offer a comprehensive check and assess the overall well being of your teenagers.It includes; 

    • Specialist Consultation 
    • Thyroid function test 
    • Random blood sugar test 
    • urinalysis test 
    • kidney function tests
    • Blood grouping  
    • liver function tests
    • Book your teens a wellness package today!

    What other services are available for teenager? 

    Counseling services for mental health issues such as depression, low self-esteem, suicide as well substance and drug abuse. Let your teenage access our youth friendly counseling services 

    Sexual wellness checkups including professional guidance on sexual health by a doctor and screening for various sexually transmitted illnesses. 

    Dental checkups and treatment for different conditions affecting the teeth,gums and mouth.

    Eye checkup for common conditions affecting teenagers such as long and shortsightedness 

  • Couples Healthcare

    Couples’ health needs may converge during marriage despite each person having their own unique needs. Our couples, well man and well woman packages ensures both needs are catered for conveniently

    What does the couple’s wellness check package entail? 

    This package offers a comprehensive check on both yourself and your spouse’s health and includes; 

    • Full Blood Count 
    • Random Blood Sugar 
    • Glycated Hemoglobin 
    • Urinalysis 
    • Kidney Function Test 
    • Liver Function Test 
    • Lipid Profile 
    • Stool for Ova and Cysts 
    • Uric Acid 
    • Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphate Levels 

    Book a couples wellness check up today and show them some love!!

    What other services are available for couples? 

    General practitioner or specialist Teleconsultation or home visits for various diseases or checkup.

    Couples counseling for mental health illness, troubled relationships as well as marriage counseling

    Infertility services including gynecologist checkups, imaging and IVF services 

    Antenatal and postnatal care services during pregnancy and after delivery 

    Couples’ sexual health checkups and screening for sexually transmitted infections 

  • Bedroom Matters Matter; Learn More About Sexual Health

    What is Sexual Health? 

    Sexual health is the ability of women and men to enjoy and express their sexuality and to do so free from risk of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, coercion, violence and discrimination. 

    What is a Sexually transmitted disease (STD/STI)? 

    These are infections that are transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact. The route is usually vaginal, oral, anal sex and through intimate physical contact such as kissing. 

    What are the common sexually transmitted diseases?  

    • Chlamydia  
    • Gonorrhea 
    • Syphilis  
    • Herpes  
    • Human Papillomavirus 
    • Trichomoniasis 
    • HIV/AIDS. 

    Do I have a Sexually transmitted disease? 

    It is recommended to book a doctor’s consultation and be screened for a sexually transmitted disease if you notice symptoms such as; 

    • Vaginal or urethral discharge 
    • Itchiness on the genitals 
    • Genital wounds or rash 
    • lumps or skin growths around the genitals 
    • Painful urination   
    • blisters and sores around your genitals or anus. 
    • warts around your genitals or anus. 

    What does the sexual wellness clinical package entail?  

    • Doctor’s consultation,  
    • Screening tests for all sexually transmitted diseases
    • Treatment and counseling

  • Take care of them, they deserve it; Elderly Healthcare

    The elderly are prone to a variety of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer. These conditions require early screening, diagnosis and consistent follow up to ensure optimal care 

    Other common complications related to old age such as dementia, arthritis, stroke, bed sores and wounds may necessitate nursing care to ensure their comfort and well being. Our set of elderly care wellness packages, chronic disease management services and nursing services provides for an  all-round care of the elderly 

    What does the elderly clinical care package entail? 

    This packages cover male and females over 60 years.It includes an array of lab tests tailor made for each gender together with an optician review, a general consultation and a psychologist consultation.Book an over 60 wellness check today and return a favor to the elderly!

    What nursing services are available for the elderly? 

    Registered general nurse to home for 12 or 24 hours 

    Registered general nurse to home for a month 

    Specialist nurse to home for 12 or 24 hours. 

    Specialist nurse to home for 12 or 24 hours 

    Trained care giver nurse to help with activities of daily living and ensure adherence to medication

    Elderly care nurse to to help with activities of daily living and ensure adherence to medication

    General nursing services offered include at home administration of fluids, medication, nebulization, wound care, blood pressure check and sugar check 

    Specialized nursing including at home nursing care for; diabetes, hypertension, cancer, arthritis, post covid-19 and stroke

    Click here to book a nursing service and let us take care of your elderly, they deserve the best!

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • What is the Ponea Health family wellness experience?

    Ponea Health e commerce platform offers a one stop point for comprehensive family wellness catering for the health needs of all the members of the family unit including newborns, children, teens, adults and the elderly Book a vetted doctor from a wide selection of doctors depending on your need conveniently and discreetly at the comfort of your home, hotel or office through a real time Teleconsult or have a physical home doctor visit. Have your samples collected for processing and medications delivered at the comfort of your home.

  • What is Ponea Health Price comparison?

    Ponea health is an aggregator of various health services and providers that work in tandem to guarantee holistic patient care. Through Ponea Health e commerce platform, you are able to compare and array of vetted providers such as doctors, laboratories and imaging centers offering similar services at different price points and locations. This allows you to select one within your budget and convenience in terms of location.

  • Do I have to visit a hospital to get my lab samples taken?

    Through Ponea Health mobile phlebotomy services, get your samples conveniently collected by a vetted professional at the comfort of your home, office, hotel or other preferred points for processing at the laboratory. The short turnaround times for sample processing and dispatch of results to both yourself and the doctor guarantees prompt diagnosis and treatment.

  • How do I get my medications?

    Ponea Health e pharmacy platform is a 24hour services that is dedicated to delivering medication promptly and conveniently to your home or preferred pick-up points. Through upload prescription functionality, submit your prescription for processing and have your medication delivered right to your door step.

  • What do the ratings on my doctor mean?

    Doctors on Ponea Health e commerce platform are rated based a combination of their qualifications, continuous professional advancement and overall patient satisfaction. This guarantees you get the highest attainable level of care.

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